Firefox Mobile OS on your desktop Firefox

Everyone is quite eager to test and use Firefox mobile OS. May be we still have to wait for some more time for the mobiles to be available in market. However using a Firefox add-on you can simulate the Firefox mobile OS. This add-on is not stable and you might find lots of bugs and issues.  First of all download the Firefox mobile OS, you will find three version, based upon your operating system, download the respective version. Once the installation is complete, you will be redirected to a dashboard.

Firefox mobile Add-on Window
Firefox mobile Add-on Window


Suppose If you have missed the page somehow, you can get the dashboard by navigating to  Web Developer and click Firefox OS Simulator. For Mac, Linux it appears under Tools.


Accessing the Addon - Firefox mobile OS
Accessing the Addon – Firefox mobile OS


Click the Stopped button. It changes into the Running button and Firefox OS boots up in its own window. The default size for this window is 320×480. To stop the Simulator, click the Running button in the dashboard, or just close the Simulator window.



Note: Because of the size of the add-on, Firefox may freeze for several seconds while installing it, and its unresponsive script dialog may appear, due to bug 814505. If it does, just click the Continue button, and Firefox will continue installing the add-on.


LibreOffice completes one year

On 28 September 2010, several members of the project formed a new group called “The Document Foundation”. The Document Foundation created LibreOffice from their former project, over concerns that Oracle Corporation would either discontinue, or place restrictions on it as an open-source project, as it had on OpenSolaris. It was originally hoped that the LibreOffice name would be provisional, as Oracle was invited to become a member of The Document Foundation. Oracle rejected offers to donate the brand to the project, and demanded that all members of the Community Council involved with The Document Foundation step down from the OOo Community Council, citing a conflict of interest. The Go-oo project was discontinued in favour of LibreOffice. Improvements made by the project are being merged into LibreOffice. Enhancements made in other forks are also expected to be incorporated into LibreOffice. Also underway is the reduction of Java dependency, with the goal of minimizing security issues and improving application stability.

As of September 2011, The Document Foundation estimates that there are 10 million users worldwide who have obtained LibreOffice via downloads or CDs. Over 90% of those are on Windows, with another 5% on Mac OS X. There are an estimated 15 million Linux users, with most having obtained the software directly from their distribution. This gives a total estimated user base of 25 million people.