Magician, Founder of n , TV star, Software Engineer, Wikipedian, Actor, Skit Artist, Mimic Artist n lots..

Philip Tiju Abraham, also known as Magician Philip Magician Philip, that’s his stage name, uses magic as a medium to convey his messages to society. He takes his magic very seriously even while being a fulltime programmer. We were curious  [ Read More ]

New Delhi: Gopinath Muthukad was presented with the prestigious International Merlin Award, billed as Magic’s Oscar, at a grand ceremony that glowed with magical aura in plenty. Hundreds of leading magicians from across the country, large number of fans, and  [ Read More ]

Magic with a mission

On the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi, a magician honoured his principles by performing tricks to compliment each belief Almost a year ago, two 10-year-olds approached a magician at a show and asked him why Hindu kids don’t speak to  [ Read More ]

Bangalore Mirror : It’s the new face of magic. The real-life “Harry Potters” are corporate entertainers, adept at mind reading techniques and using technology to further the cause of hocus-pocus. Renuka Phadnis meets a bunch of new-age magicians in the city  [ Read More ]