National Integration Magic show organized by Survana Karnataka Kerala Samajam on Deepika Malayalam Newspaper dated Aug 15th 2014

National Integration Magic show organized by Survana Karnataka Kerala Samajam featured on Deepika Malayalam Newspaper

National Integration Magic show organized by Survana Karnataka Kerala Samajam featured on Deepika Malayalam Newspaper – Aug 15th 2014


No Matter How Grown Up We Are, We Will Be Fascinated By These 9 Indian Magicians on Polka cafe – May 20th, 2015

Magic is an art which uses the fundamental principles of science. But, in order to make it look authentic, it takes great amounts of expertise and practice! The modern street magic scene in India breaks all conventions and the inclusion of some sophisticated techniques makes it a startling experience for the viewers! Here, we list some of the magicians (in no particular order) who have added new dimensions to the Indian magic fraternity. Watch the magic unfold!

Neel Madhav

Neel Madhav truly represents the face of modern street magic in India. With his unconventional techniques like mind reading, neuro linguistic programming and criminology, he is quite the magician! He hosts his own weekly travel show called “You Got Magic with Neel Madhav” on NDTV Good Times.

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Ugesh Sarcar
Image credit: Knowyourstar

Ugesh prefers the word ‘mystician’ instead of magician to describe himself. Son of eminent magician Prof. M.C. Sarcar, Ugesh honed his skills under the guidance of his father. He performs various kinds of tricks which include card tricks and levitating objects, but mind reading is his specialty! He made his first television appearance in the show “Ugesh Sarcar’s 3rd Degree” which was aired on Bindaas channel. Ugesh began the trend of Street Magic in India. He is known as India’s First and Ultimate Street Magician and has been for the past 10 years.

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Rahul Kharbanda
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ILLUSIONIST Rahul Kharbanda has performed across the globe and dazzled audiences of all ages with a powerful mix of the most outrageous and astonishing acts ever to be seen on stage & in Street Magic.His non-stop show is packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions wherein the audience witnesses stunning acts of grand illusions with creative appearances, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and more.

Stand up Magic acts ~ Creative Product launches ~ Corporate Entertainment ~
Meet ups ~ Mentalism ~ Product Promotions

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Suhani Shah
Image credit: Suhani Shah

Suhani’s performances provide entertainment through grand illusions, mentalism acts, levitations, visual effects, blindfold presentations and audience participation – all combined with a dash of masti, delivered Suhani style! She has showcased her skills at educational institutions, corporate companies, IPL parties, celebrity nights and even international television.

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Magician Philip
Image credit: magician philip

Magician Philip is a young magician whose magnetism, personality and showmanship has influenced many and enthralled audiences all over. His first influences were magic books and magic shows. He received his training under the guidance of magicians Gopinath Muthukad and Rajamoorthy at Magic Academy. He is the founder of Indian Magicians and World of Magician portals!

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Magician Krish
Image credit: Magician Krish

Krish (not Krrish from the movies!) started his journey of magic at the tender age of 7! He has performed at many prestigious magic events across the country. One of his inventions, ‘Nacked in the Wind,’ won him the Best Magic Award in 2009! Mentalism is his forte.

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Magician Rajesh Kumar
Image credit: rajesh magic

It is a breathtaking experience to watch Rajesh Kumar perform his tricks. His shows are known for their intensity and amazing crowd participation. He was awarded the Jadu Shrimoni award by the Indian Brotherhood of Magicians and Jadu Kala Trust. This year he will participate in popular show called India’s Got Talent. In one of his trick he vanished the Delhi Pritampura tv tower in broad daylight.

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Magician Tejas
Image credit: gigstart

In a world of fickle careers and changing paths, Tejas had made up his mind about what he wanted from life at the age of 10 years. All the hard work he put into learning and practicing magic earned him the National Award! He went on to participate in the reality show ‘India’s Magic Star’ in 2010.

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S.A.C. Vasanth
Image credit: youtube

‘Master Magician’ S.A.C. Vasanth is a leading illusionist in India and is well-known for his innovative illusion performances. He has entertained millions over the past 11 years and has a steadfast reputation among his clients. He was awarded the Master Magician title in the show ‘India’s Magic Star’ in 2010.

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Article by Saurav Naug , polkacafe 20th May 2015

Programmer and Magician, Philip Tiju Abraham – Kochi Post – Dated 27th May 2013

Philip Tiju Abraham, also known as Magician Philip

Philip Tiju Abraham, also known as Magician Philip

Magician Philip, that’s his stage name, uses magic as a medium to convey his messages to society. He takes his magic very seriously even while being a fulltime programmer. We were curious enough to ask him a few questions.

What got you interested in magic?

When I was 12 years old, I happened to attend the show of the famous magician Samraj. I got so inspired and forced my parents to buy a book of magic tricks that was sold at the counter. Very soon, I performed my first magic show at a school function which turned out to be runaway success and I became a star overnight. My magic performances became quite popular in my small town and I started getting opportunities at schools, clubs and parties.

Where did you learn it? Did it take long?

I started learning with books and self-trials. The turning point of my passion was when I discovered the Magic Academy in Kerala, run by another famous magician Gopinath Muthukad. I regularly attended various courses and camps at the Magic Academy, which sharpened my skills and techniques. Even after 15 years, I still consider myself as a student of magic and learn new things every day.

What do you get out of it? At any point did you think it was silly?

It is not an easy question to answer. To start with, it instilled and improved my self-confidence, public speaking skills, showmanship, concentration and ability to engage with a small or large crowd with ease. Recognition and celebrity status came as a byproduct.

You never have the real passion for magic, if you ever thought it was silly. Magicians with a passion are very serious about their business and so do I. Magic is also an art like many others.

Gateways 09, Christ University

Is being a magician a serious career option?

Unlike in the past, there are lots of schools of magic, institutions and academies now in India. I can say, magic is definitely getting much popularity in our country these days. Several national and regional channels are now showcasing reality shows in magic as well.

I believe, it is up to the people themselves to decide whether they want to make their passion full or part time

My Guru once said, ‘Magic is enjoyed by kids of age from 7 to 70’. As long as we have these kids, magic will always shine and grow.

Tell us about The Dream of Gandhi-ji magical journey? Why such a journey?

The ‘’Dream of Gandhi-ji – The Magic with a Mission’’ was an unique magical journey covering many parts of South India. The main objective of the journey was to spread Mahatma Gandhi-ji’s principles like peace, religious harmony, equality and nonviolence among the people. The journey covered South Indian States Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The journey started on October 2, 2010 from Bangalore and ended on January 30, 2011. I performed in schools, colleges and orphanages in many cities and villages. I got an immense positive response from the crowd and the media.

I always end my show with a religious harmony message. Couple of years back two kids came backstage after the show. They said they were not aware of the importance of religious harmony and in their class they do have religious discrimination, where kids from different religion would not talk with each other. I was quite shocked by hearing those words from 10 year old kids. Then I decided I have to do something for it and composed a show focusing on importance of religious harmony, peace, non violence and equality.


What are your next plans? Leaving your job soon?

Well, we do not know what’s going to be next, as of now I would like to continue performing magic as my passion. During my college days friends used to say I’m married to magic and computer programming, probably that’s the reason I cannot leave one for the other. Being an artist, I understand I got immense social responsibilities and commitments. I have already composed couple of shows which you can expect on stage in couple of months.

Article by Editor, THE KOCHI POST LTD.


The illusionists – Bangalore Mirror – 25Apr2010

Bangalore Mirror : It’s the new face of magic. The real-life “Harry Potters” are corporate entertainers, adept at mind reading techniques and using technology to further the cause of hocus-pocus. Renuka Phadnis meets a bunch of new-age magicians in the city and comes back enchanted.

If you thought Bangalore is “muggly”, chew over this: five hundred people in this city potter with magic including conjuring, reading minds, doing illusion tricks and performing ventriloquism. Among these is a swish set that juggles magic with another job,  are tech-savvy to the hilt and have the corporate crowd fascinated by their tricks.

Prahalad and Poornima Acharya are a magician couple, who have had a long stint as independent performing magicians. Now, they say they are doing their bit for society by helping children be more confident through magic, shadow play and theatre. In the past, Prahalad Acharya has done Houdini-like tricks that are dangerous and death-defying escape stunts. He claims to be the only magician in India to escape from the Bangalore Central Prison (in just 8 seconds!). He says he has also performed the Houdini escape at the Jog Falls and has made 18-ft high the Golden Chariot of Udupi disappear. He also says he has perfomed the legendary Indian Rope Trick. Magic looks unbelievable but it is nothing but science and some sleight-of-hand by smart ‘magicians’. Prahalad Acharya, who is an exponent of ventriloquism, and a shadow play artiste says, “Magic is rational. There is no mesmerising, no power, no hypnotism. It is all about gadgets, the use of directions and optical illusions.”  Wife Poornima is one of the rare women magicians. She took up magic after marriage, and does independent magic shows that last upto two hours.

When I met Nakul Shenoy, he asked me to think of a person and to write his/her name on a piece of paper. He then took the paper and without looking at it, cut it into tiny bits and returned the bits to me. Then he named the person I had thought of! When I asked him how he did it, he smiled and said, “Magicians don’t tell.”  But Shenoy, who calls himself a ‘mindreader and corporate entertainer’ reminds us that magic is all science.  He has 15 years of professional experience in magic entertainment, teaches magic, and writes for magic magazines. One of three mindreaders in India, he networks with the best in the business, across the world. He is just back in the city after a jam session in Las Vegas with other magic folk such as Max Maven, Jeff Mcbride, Eugene Burger and Bob Cassidy. “It helps to learn some magic for people to remember you by. Master a few tricks and you will find it is a useful icebreaker in get-togethers, a fascinating hobby, and it is lovely when people recognise you as ‘the Magic Kid’. Magic is not for muggles. To learn it, you have to be rational, nifty, and cool to fool an audience,” he says.

Software engineer Tiju Philip, a Christ College product and intern at an IT firm, is a stage magician by hobby. He has been practising illusion andMagician Philip conjuring for 11 years now. As a 12-year-old, he saw a magic show and got a magic book. He did some shows and they were all successful. That got him hooked. Tiju has attended magic school — the Magic Academy. His ‘guru’ is magician Gopinath Muthukad. Now, Tiju has founded and designed a portal for Indian magicians called He has also helped launch a portal called . Tiju wants to tell the world that there is far more to India than the great Indian rope trick. Tiju, who creates ‘magic software’, says, “Magic today is about science and technology. Magicians from Bangalore are more tech-savvy than their counterparts elsewhere in the country. They have a presence on the net and use a lot of online sources and social media. As a community, Indian magicians go online for resources.” And image counts, so both Nakul and Tiju are on Twitter.

The Magic Shop
Giridhar’s shop has everything that will inspire you to do the ‘abracadabra’ bit
If you want to learn some magic, you don’t need to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Skip Diagon Alley, forget Platform 9 and 3/4. Bangalore has a space for magic folk and it is called The Magic Shop. This is a place where magic props are sold, magic classes are held, magic books and magazines are kept (for reference only!), and where magicians meet to read and discuss about their craft. Giridhar Kamath, the proprietor of Magic Shop, has performed magic for years. He has been  manufacturing and exporting magic apparatus for 20 years. Whatever your age, you will find some challenging magic props here. For a five-year-old kid, there is the ‘magic book’ – you open it and it is blank. Open it a second time, it is full of colourful drawings! Then there is the ‘magic dice box’. When you open it the first time, you see a small dice. Open the box a second time and you see a big dice! If you think that is for the kids, try this – a ball that moves and stops at your command.
Magic Facts
* There are 10,000 magicians in India, both known and unknown, and 500 are in Bangalore.
* Magicians meet at their conferences. One such international meet is called ‘Vismaya’. At the last Vismaya meet held in 2008 in Trivandrum, 1,000 Indian magicians India attended.
* See for a magicians directory, dealers, institutions, societies and clubs, magicians on Twitter.
* Within the next one year, an event of magic will happen in Bangalore.
* The next magic event is on May 31 – the Women Magicians Meet, Trivandrum.
* The Academy of Magical Sciences is in Trivandrum.
* Magicians read and write for Vismayam Magical News.
* Magicians get prizes for good work too. They are called Wizards Award member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA).
* Where do magic people do R&D? Magic & Allied Arts Development & Research Institute
Article by Renuka Phadnis , Bangalore Mirror 25Apr2010, Page 11